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Conviviality, Authenticity, Culinary Tradition.

A Cooking retreat and an Authentic Food & Wine Experience in Italy.

We are foodies whose passion is revealing the best of Italy’s culinary traditions and recipes to fellow travelers. We love to introduce newcomers to the country’s best kept secrets, off-the-beaten-path towns not written about in guidebooks. Our mission is to share the beauty and simplicity of Italian cuisine and ingredients: we want to teach you the secrets behind the genuine recipes of the Roman countryside, treat you to our organic wines, while visiting ancient towns, olive oil makers, farmers, as well as making new friends. All this and more is "I Cook in Italy", an authentic food and wine experience of a lifetime!

Italian culinary tradition and the best organic ingredients - Cooking Classes in Italy


Sharing experiences makes them more memorable. That’s why eating together is so important for us: the joy of indulging in delicious food and wine is enhanced by meeting new people, lively conversation, and laughter. Partaking in a culinary adventure – learning, tasting, and cooking with others – adds another layer of meaning to your vacation.

Authenticity: A real food and wine tasty travel among authentic Italian culinary traditions - Italy Culinary Holiday


Far from stereotypes, our cooking vacation offers its guests a wealth of knowledge on the authentic food and wine traditions of Rome’s countryside. A delicious voyage among true Italian culinary customs, with a daily discovery of new flavors.

Sensoriality: during a meal all your senses are involved - Italy Cooking Vacations

Culinary Tradition

When you cook, all of your senses are engaged: your eyes see the colors and composition of the dishes, your ears listen to the sounds of bubbling and sauteeing, your nose takes in a bouquet of scents, and finally, your tastebuds are rewarded with the spectacular meal you’ve created. We teach you how to create some of Italy’s most beloved dishes, including handmade pasta, pizza dough, and more. 

Our Region: Ciociaria

The historical area known as Ciociaria (pronounced: cho-cha-ree-a) is a geographic bridge between Rome and Naples, recognized as the new Tuscany. Its name originates from the word ciocie, ancient and typical footwear once worn by local shepherds. The history and spirit of Ciociaria have been forged through its intimate connection with the landscape, from the pre-Roman era and its ancient acropolises surrounded by megalithic walls, to the era of Imperial Rome and the emergence of many prosperous towns along the Via Latina.

The Ciociaria that we see today, however, was formed during the first centuries of the Middle Ages, through the  work of the Benedictine Abbeys and the splendor of the Papal City. Ciociaria is a land to discover and appreciate through a journey into the past, history, myth, and legends following in the footsteps of Ernici, Cicero, St. Thomas and St. Benedict.

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