Recipes from Ciociaria part 2

Here are some tantalising recipes that will whisk you away to the beauty of Ciociaria
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Recipes from Ciociaria part 2

Paola’s Risotto with Squash and Sausage


Carnaroli rice or risotto rice (60 grams of rice per person)

Oil or butter

1 sausage

80 to 100 grams of squash

Broth or water



Heat the oil in a pan and crumble in the sausage, let simmer, continue stirring and put in a part of the squash. Continue stirring and add the rice, do this for a couple of minutes until the ingredients are well combined. Then add the hot broth or water and continue until cooked. Remove mix from the burners and allow the mix to become creamy with the oil or cold butter and Parmigiano cheese.


Paola’s Ciambelline


1 glass of white or red wine (plastic glass size)

1 glass of sugar

1 glass of oil (olive oil or other type)

Flour as needed



Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees (350 Fahrenheit). Mix the ingredients to form a soft dough, not too hard, as you add sugar to the top. If it is too hard, the sugar will not attach. Mix the wine, sugar and oil in a container with your hands, then start adding the flour. Remember to make the tubes and then cut them and close the ends to create the ciambellina or donut shape. They must be the same size otherwise they could either burn or not cook as well as another size. Use cookie sheets as a tray with oven paper and put the ciambellina on top to cook in the oven.


Paola’s Tiramisu



500 grams of Mascarpone

5 eggs

5 full spoons of sugar

One pack of Pavesini biscuits

Espresso coffee at room temperature



Separate the eggs: the white in one bowl and the yolks in another. Beat the egg yolks and sugar in a bowl until they are white, the sugar must be invisible. Once complete, add the mascarpone. Beat the egg white into peaks with a pinch of salt. Put the two bowls together and stir from bottom to top. Using a container, dip the Pavesini in the coffee and start layering them. It is also possible to make individual portions. Add cream to the top surface layer and then sprinkle with dark powdered chocolate.

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